Sunday, July 19, 2009


These snapshots are pretty self explanatory. They are just more good examples of ways that people are using their artistic talents to create fun, interactive environments for viewers and participants.

This was a few weekends ago on Governor's Island. Creative Time has been doing a series of works with various artists, utilizing the unusual expansive fields, rolling hills, and old architecture of the island's topographical charm to encourage an outdoorsy, summery, free-to- be-you-and-me kind of approach towards art. This is just one part, where people have built clever and tricky miniature golf structures that you can actually play, and at least for me were pretty challenging! Exhibiting works of art on Governor's Island is an impressively unconventional method for getting people to journey away from the busy city, on to a ferry, across a body of water, (although the ride is only a few minutes), and into a lush, green enclave of New York City where one feels a rare sense of open air and space within which to make all kinds of surprising discoveries...

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