Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Sculptor

Recently I sent in a curatorial proposal for a relatively new, non-profit arts organization called Affirmation Arts. The criteria for the proposal was that the artists included must reside in New York and not currently be represented by a gallery. I was lucky enough to find out about an amazing new artist named Ryan Brewer. Ryan is currently finishing his BFA at Parsons, and his work was brought to my attention by a mutual friend of ours who also attends the program. Though he works in a variety of mediums, his sculptures made predominantly of light and steel, some of which move and change form, and some of which he physically interacts with in sculptural performance art, are perhaps the most intriguing, from what I have seen thus far. Not only is the work visually compelling, but on his website he has also very articulately described the methodology involved in the process of creating such enigmatic works, as well as referencing some of his conceptual, spiritual and visceral inspirations. Of course I included him as one of the artists in my proposal, but in the event that I am not the person chosen to exhibit at Affirmation Arts, I certainly hope that I or someone else is able to show his work in a gallery or alternate arts space so that more people may have the good fortune of getting to see them up close in all of their intimidating, overbearing glory.

To see images and videos of Ryan Brewer's light sculptures and the entirety of his fascinating body of work, go to: